Our Story

The knowledge, skill, resources, time and man power it takes to get onions and chile from the farm to consumers is remarkable.

Scott Adams along with wife, Terry, owners of Adams Produce, is a fourth-generation farmer. Scott grew up on his parents farm in Hatch and continued working for them after graduating high school. In 1985, the family built an onion packing facility and established Adams Produce, Inc.

They began packing their own onions as well as several other growers’ onions from Hatch. Scott’s brother, Stormy Adams established Shiloh Produce Inc., that would be the marketing arm for the onions.
In 1997 Scott began acquiring more farmland. With the increase in farmland, API grew more acres of onions and began growing chile. Today Adams Produce farms across 3,000 acres in the Hatch and Deming area. The farms include many crops but onions and chile are the main focus.

The fifth generation led by Scotts son, Tyson, along with three son in laws, Bo Mitchell, Casey Crist, Ethan Wilkins and with daughters, Ashley Mitchell, Audrey Crist, Amanda Wilkins and daughter in law Abby Adams are moving the company forward. Scott and Terry share their knowledge and expertise all the while remaining open to their new ideas and expectations.

The sixth generation is ten strong, five boys and five girls. Our future farmers of America!

1 Cor. 3:7
“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”